• 100%

      pass rate in 20 A-Level subjects

      Summer 2019 (including Diploma Criminology)

    • 99.1%

      overall A-Level pass rate.

      Summer 2019 (including Diploma Criminology)

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    What’s it all about?

    This course is for students looking to develop their dance skills both technically and creatively and gain an understanding of the employment opportunities in the dance and performing arts industry.

    Study levelCostAdditional fees
    19+please enquireYou will be required to purchase appropriate dance wear and possibly some elements of costume notably footwear and tights (if applicable). Also a cost may be incurred when attending performances to see professional practice and current dance works. Possible costs for master classes led by professionals in the industry may be incurred by the learners.

    Over the two years of the course you'll look at:

    Developing your dance skills through regular practice of technique and creative workshops while reflecting back on your practice and development through course work

    How to successfully plan and implement a creative event to a target audience

    Explore a creative theme and develop work to effectively communicate your intentions to an audience

    The performing arts industry and employment opportunities in the sector

    Advanced performance practice

    Production delivery

    You will learn through a variety of theory and practical lessons such as:

    Research Sessions




    Why college is different to school

    A fresh start

    Sometimes you just need a clean break to become the person you were destined to be. Starting college is the perfect opportunity to break free and become that new person!

    New people

    Our diverse student community means that you will meet lots of new people of different ages, backgrounds and interests, so you can enjoy making lifelong friendships!

    Specialist Staff

    Most of our lecturers are industry savvy and are experts in teaching 16-18 year olds. They have lots of valuable experience and knowledge to pass onto you.


    College is a more mature and relaxed environment than school and you are treated like an adult. You’ll be on first name terms with your lecturers so no more Sir and Miss! You can also start to make your own decisions.

    Free time

    Your timetable will be very different to school. You will have a lot more free time to take part in extra-curricular activities, study, or get extra money and work experience with a part-time job.

    Different environment

    College is a very different learning environment to school. You may even become more inspired and have a new motivation to work towards your future goal in a college environment.

    More choice

    A college can offer a much wider choice of A-Level subjects, plus vocational courses in lots of different subjects and at different levels.

    More opportunities

    You will have the opportunity to take part in lots of different activities outside of the classroom to boost your confidence and help you develop your skills and personal qualities.

    Specialist facilities

    A college can invest in an extensive range of industry-standard facilities to give you the skills and knowledge to prepare for university or employment, and can also offer subjects that need specialist facilities.

    99.1% overall pass rate for A-Levels

    (*Summer 2019).

    Why choose Sunderland College for A-Levels?

    We have a 100% pass rate in 20 A-Level subjects.

    (*Summer 2019)

    We offer the widest range of A-Level subjects in the region.

    Our teaching staff are A-Level experts and specialise in teaching 16-19 year olds.

    Our High Achievers programme supports gifted and talented students to reach their full potential by developing their skills and talents.

    We have excellent pastoral and academic support from our dedicated sixth form staff.

    We have an extensive enrichment programme and links with universities.

    Open Days

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    Student Testimonials


    of our students agreed that the help and support that the College provides is good.*

    *Sunderland College On-programme Survey 2017

    Student Testimonials


    of our students agreed that the help and support that the College provides is good.*

    *Sunderland College On-programme Survey 2017

    Student Testimonials


    of our students agreed that the help and support that the College provides is good.*

    *Sunderland College On-programme Survey 2017


    94.7% of our students have progressed to a positive destination.

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    2037 people employed as Careers advisers and vocational guidance specialists in the current year.

    Dancers and choreographers

    Dancers and choreographers devise, direct, rehearse and perform classical and contemporary dance routines.

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    Student life

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