Biologists get creative for Science Week

Student biologists showed off their artistic and laboratory skills to celebrate British Science Week.  Inspired by this year’s ‘Our diverse planet’ theme, Year 12 students were tasked with using their scientific knowledge to design a poster featuring a new species which could adapt to different habitats on Earth with prizes awarded for the most creative.  Meanwhile, Year 13 students used gel electrophoresis – a technique to separate DNA fragments – to carry … Continued

Sunderland College STEAM Day

Sunderland College recently ran an afternoon STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) event with a range of activities aimed at students who are looking to progress onto higher education after completing their current studies. A selection of workshops and talks took place across at the colleges Bede and City Campuses and was a chance … Continued

Medal success at British Biology Olympiad

Year 13 A-Level students took part in the prestigious Royal Society of Biology’s British Biology Olympiad 2018 and returned to college as medal winners. This year a total of over 7,800 students participated in the competition and were tasked with completing two online papers. Sunderland College students Daniel Deary and James Drinkald won a gold … Continued